Different types of membership.


Welcome New ESA Members!

ESA welcomes Ohio Tool Works, as a new Supporting Member, Gold Status... Ohio Tool Works (OTW) is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision Honing Machines, Tooling, Abrasives, and Accessories. Ron Sandy is the primary corporate contact (jhovsepian@ohiotoolworks.com). (March 2017)

ESA Membership Categories:

Active Members are persons, firms or corporations having an established business in the United States, Canada or Mexico substantially engaged in rebuilding hydraulic jacks, equipment or kindred lines. Active Members in good standing are entitled to vote.

Supporting Members are persons, firms or corporations supplying products and/or services to Active members. Supporting Members in good standing may attend ESA Conventions and Meetings, and may serve on regular standing committees provided the committee membership is composed of at least two-thirds Active members. Supporting members, within their closed session, may elect one of their body to be a representative to the ESA Board of Directors; Supporting Members are entitled to one vote toward this representative. Supporting Members are not eligible for elective offices and shall have no vote in general association matters.

Associate Members are individuals employed by a firm or corporation that currently has an Active member in good standing. They get no vote unless the Active Member relinquishes their vote to the Associate Member.

Honorary Members are individuals who have rendered outstanding conspicuous and honorable service to this Association as designated by the ESA Board of Directors. Honorary Members are not eligible to vote.

Foreign Members are individuals, partnerships, or corporations who meet the eligibility requirements of Active or Supporting members but who reside outside the continental United States, Canada or Mexico. Foreign members are not eligible to vote.



Benefits of becoming an ESA member include...

  • ESA Annual Convention & Fall Technical Meetings: top-notch education, training & industry networking
  • ESA E-Learning Program: professional technical training delivered right to your door, at a 40% discount for ESA Members only
  • ESA Monthly Newsletter, The Leader In Service: technical and business management articles, ESA and Member News, and more 
  • ESA Newsletter Advertising Discounts
  • ESA Parts Requests (Hard-to-Find Parts/Equipment Locator Service)
  • ESA Scholarships  
  • ESA Merchant Services:
    • Credit, check card, and debit card processing
    • Check services including verification, guarantee, remote deposit capture, collection and conversion
    • Payroll services
    • Gift Card processing
    • Customer Loyalty & Rewards programs
    • ATM Services
  • ESA Shop Tips